March 20th

A nice showing of members arrived on the UMaine campus today, March 20th, for the third meeting of the ring this year.  A number of effects and mysteries were shared by those in attendance.  An interesting device was shared by Randy called the staple-less stapler.  While not a ‘trick’ per se, it certainly engaged and intrigued us.

The theme for this meeting was “Ridiculously Simple Tricks.” Kevin led off with a Bill Malone variation on the 21 Card Trick that occurs in three stages. Each was more mystifying than those before. The principle was the same as the old trick, but the process and reveals made it more deceptive than usual.

Professor Miller followed with his own version of Out To Lunch, that was political in nature – if a bit outdated.

Finally, Randy Von Smith demonstrated a simple but powerful gimmick for presenting a business card. Using an elastic band, a small stack of business cards, and a deft twist, the pack was arranged so that when paced on the table, the top of the pack swiveled and tossed one card out onto the table. A very novel presentation.

The business portion of the meeting was brief. The treasury currently has just over $1,630 at this time. Randy listed some concerns that included communication and the website. Current actions will include an update to the website (Kevin), and possibly moving the current email list to Google not only for security reasons, but because Google has many other tools that a group or club can use.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be located at the Riverside Cafe in Ellsworth, 12 Noon, April 17th (third Sunday of the month).  No theme has been specified.




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