May’s Meeting: Elections!

This month’s meeting featured nominations and elections for office.  The current office holders are:

President: Randy Von Smith

Treasurer: Geoff Milller

Sargent-at-arms: Aubrey Smith

Secretary: Kevin Roberge

The meeting’s conversation revolved around a few topics as usual but coin magic held sway.  Kevin and Geoff had brought a number of coins and poker chips and the conversation revolved around uses of the various types and sizes.  It was decided that the theme for the June meeting would be “Color Changes” which while inspired by conversations of Spellbound, can include anything you’d like to share.  I know I’m working on coin and card color changes.

Randy made an interesting observation/suggestion that the ring might consider looking into farmer’s markets as a venue for promotion.  There’s a lot of promotion in that idea and would provide exposure for ring but also practice to those who wished to staff the stall.  Ideas ranged from Fast & Loose, balloon animals, simple tricks with a souvenir ending and so on.

The next meeting of the ring will be Sunday, June 12th, at noon in the Riverside Cafe once again.  We’ll have the backroom in return for patronage.  The choice of date was made to avoid a conflict with Father’s Day.  If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see at a future ring meeting please feel free to let us know.

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