Ring 362 To Meet on March 20th



Noon, Sunday March 20th will be the third meeting of Ring 362 this year.  We’ll be meeting in Neville Room 108 again (on the UMaine campus in Orono).  Detailed direction are supplied below.  Remember the theme is Ridiculously Simple Tricks.  Tricks that seem so simple they couldn’t possibly work, and yet they do.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

From the Old Town I-95 exit.  If you’re coming from south, take a right off from the exit ramp. You’re on Stillwater Avenue.  Continue over the bridge and make a right turn at the intersection of Stillwater and College Avenue (there’s a McDonald’s at the intersection).  You’re now on College Avenue.  Drive until you come to the Alfond Arena Entrance to UMaine which will be on  your left and feature a short steep hill.  You’re now on campus and you’ll essentially just follow this road until you pass by the University Ambulance service (which will be on  your left).  Consult the bottom image for parking possibilities.  There are two easy entrances into Neville Hall, Room 108 is on the first floor.

From the Old Town exit of 395

From College Avenue into Campus to Neville Hall

Parking options around Neville Hall and the entrances

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