Ring #362’s 2nd revival meeting

Sunday, February 21st, was a lovely day.  Not simply the weather of course, but this was the second meeting of Ring 362.  The meeting occurred, as scheduled, at Neville Hall in room 108 at noon on the UMaine campus.  While it was only Geoff and Kevin (me), it was a heck of a good time.

Geoff had promised to show Fast & Loose, and didn’t disappoint! With a close  up table set up, and a beautiful chain from School for Scoundrels he made me feel like the ‘mark’ that I’d be should I ever hazard my chances at such a con.  As a great follow up Geoff gave a demonstration of 3 card monte with some lovely twists and history on how the game is typically conducted by the more nefarious.  We rounded up cons and swindles with a discussion of Pricking the Garter which uses an ordinary belt and is, I’ve heard, related to Fast & Loose.

I was also treated to Geoff’s rope routine that he’s working on for the Variety Show Extravaganza next month at the Next Generation Theater in Brewer on March 25th. This kept with the original theme of the meeting; Rope, String and Endless  loops.  I had brought a selection of colored string loops to hand out and will bring them in the future in case anyone would like to learn a bit about string figures.  As it was I didn’t end up showing Geoff anything, I was having too much fun playing the spectator.

We agreed to meet March 20th at UMaine, location TBA.  I’m going to investigate the possibility of using a room in the Memorial Union.  The theme of the next meeting will be Ridiculously Simple Tricks.  The sorts of things you might downplay because they’re ‘obvious’ to magicians but play well with non-magicians.   So take a break from those knuckle busting sleights and join us next month!

(NOTE: We will put up a separate post when the location is announced along with directions and a map.)

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